Monday, 25 November 2013

Select From the Frameless and Framed Office Partitioning For That Aesthetic Look

Office partitioning is very much cheaper in comparison to permanent walls, which can be time consuming and expensive. On the other hand, if you do not own the building then erecting permanent walls is possibly not allowed. Partitioning provides flexibility and can be moved as well as reused.

There are two kinds of partitions available –
1. Framed room dividers
2. Frameless glass partitions

To select the right one you will have to consider certain things

Things to consider before buying office partitions
1. Noise control
2. Heat retention
3. Aesthetics
4. Durability
5. Cost

Features of different types in detail
Glass office partitions allow natural light to flood in. They are stylish and attractive. Both framed and frameless are quick to install and easy to clean.

1. Framed room divider – You can select from two alternatives, framed single glazed and framed double-glazed room partitions. The single glazed partitions have dominated the market for years.

It is easy to install as well as cost-effective, so is still the most common choice for new offices. It is more durable in comparison to frameless alternative. Alternatively, in aesthetic terms the bulky frame cannot be compared to frameless glass partitions.

The double glazed partitions provide heat retention and are durable. Moreover, they are heavy and expensive than the framed single glazed room dividers. Many users ignore this feature because it controls noise, which is the dominant factor.

2. Frameless glass partitions – These are available in two options – single glazed and double-glazed. You can select from the 10 or 12 mm glass wall thickness depending on the height of your ceiling. Office partitions hardly disrupt the space and environment.

Framework profiles of frameless room dividers can be finished in colours that blend with your office layout. Doors can have a finishing of polished steel or stainless steel. If necessary, you can also have closers fitted, so that the door can shut smoothly without the glass doors being banged. For safety, locks can also be fitted on doors or closers can be fixed at floor level or normal height.

You can refurbish your office and transform it into a modern environment, where your staff can feel lively and provide quality performance. To enhance the space even more, you can have your company logo fitted on the glass with manifestation frosting.

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